tisdag 21 augusti 2012

Welcome to the Fruit Party

This is a Project about social gaming.
Fruit Party is a game concept that Ivan Loguin started alone in early 2011.
Its is so far an Idea under early development.
All Pictures are process/speed work and Is not to be used as game visuals, but as directions and ideas for fun and clean ingame experience.

Ivans carbon Portfolio: http://ivaan.carbonmade.com/

Fruit Party, Explaining the core :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIBL__7MFIU

Rotten Fruits, Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXNKC9hza9s&NR=1

måndag 29 augusti 2011

2011 - Ivan Loguin


Afro customization!, Here is a flat view reminding of LBP, Fruit Party strive for the best and a such good game gave me a lot of inspiration, FP is to be seen from a different angle but can change with terrain.


I'm thinking a lot on obstacle courses now and LBP2, I like that the background is far away, it makes  level design a lot smoother.

> 3D model
Filip Loguin and I are working on assets for the team maps, A scooter that can help the fruits move objects faster

I did some photo edit to get a color theme, White/Greys, Red, Yellow and turquoise water.

I think Its important that the character don't block the vision.
here is some good proportions. 
 Also all indicators have to be big and very visual.

As a part of being a both violent and casual game I think owning items and
changing your fruits makes you become a bigger part of it. Also donations
has economical effects.


The name and style will be different but this is a funny custom map concept.

These uglyass sketches are ofc, like everything
else, non official material and only tools of communication.




> Death match mods

 > NPC/Boss Encounter
The Enemy blocks the way, find the weakness 
or go all in with tools and sacrifices to succeed. 

 >240p Is a very evil character, 
he wants to convert all video material online back to 240p. 

>Fruit Stunts
With good physics and funny anatomy there is many ways you can destroy the fruit or use them in casual player vs player modes. Here you gotta score points by landing in baskets, 
But watch out, the edges will spear you. 
Perhaps landing some body parts of the fruit still give you small points. 
There is many games like this, both for console and PC but one example is FLAT OUT 2, Stunt mode
A sequence/objective for a team map.
Team maps like this is not within near future but a wish and hints on what could be its context.
 >Parallel Actions
To maintain a diverse game play and teamwork you have 
to be depending on your teammates actions.
The sharks and the fragile rubber boat are unpredictable elements as well as your teammates.
Helping each other is crucial, but is it worth your own life saving a mate or securing a victory for the team.

 >Banana Freefall Sketch
The fruits can take their adventures to any place, 
to survive, sometimes dangerous escapes is the only option.

>Quiz Of Death
When the night falls the air gets cold and the evil creatures lurk out.
Under a bridge a evil Durian hides and tryes to eat everyone that pass the bridge.
Inspired by the story"Three Billy Goats Gruff"
Players are individually or in team asked to ans where questions or solve certain problems
in order to not be eaten by the evil Durian.
It could be any style but I like this time pressure and being able to pick wrong once.

This picture was just something i made quick from a photo I took, 
everything don\t have an purpose but can be used for inspiration. 

>Kings, Classes and Teams

"Fruit party - KINGS" Is a custom map concept,
1 king or 2 kings, depending on game mode.
At least 2 teams where your suppose to kill
the other King or protect your own, if its King vs King mode.
The King himself have to help finding the assassins, They get stronger with time. 
If the king survives the timer his team wins. 

Not solid so far but there could be some npc:s walking around to kill easy, keeping players busy. Otherwise the king probably die to soon, or maybe the king has massive hp and die after counts of attacks. So being attacker is all about getting some hits on the king. Playing Assassin should be like playing a Gnome rogue in WoW or hunter in Left 4 Dead. (But not first person)
Assassins Creed:

Something i would like to see is a map with alot of randomness put in to it.
A rafting map could be a perfect casual warmup map. The rafts are very hard to control on some places and mounting it requires teamwork not to flip it over. Also being able to destroy&or perhaps kill each other would always be fun, fast re spawn and high revenge factor. You can choose to be friends but there is room for backstabbing xD. -And yeah,I
I'm not pretty sure what the top player is doing, he fell out or planning something evil hehe. Maybe you play it on split screen as a team, 2ppl against other pairs online. Anything is allowed. And you can draw your own flags. 
Perhaps the Rafts move  slow most of the time and you can wave and interact with other rafts, not always friendly but worth a try. Im not thinking it as a race game but it could develop to a lot, fun with strangers is most important, and fun communications.

> NPC/Boss Encounter
NINJA THE SOFT ICE, I could not wait to upload even doh its not finished at all.  I would think twice before stealing ice cream from this guy...

Ok this is cheesy and somewhat annoying but, hehe it has to be on this  blogg:

I have no Idea how the package
should look hehe, But it sure contains fruis ;D.

Had to post it, its cute and i will perhaps make him sit in a boat.

Color and details are not correct but Its a good subjective vision for Player 1.
You start next to your teammate/mates and the objective is next, Then there is some sort of easy first danger, then it becomes harder and harder.

I'm thinking of angles when carrying but I think it be better when u got all frame settings and some sort of FOV to see what works.

Working on the fun factor, to early for a flowchart.

Special event! This is so great since I can post whatever I want. Here is some  piñata rampage, your buddy, or in this case Katja, is hidden inside one of many piñatas, you have to destroy them to get her out, but you can easily kill your buddy in the process.

 > Sketchin
Making some Ideas, short sequence where you with "small" means is suppose to fight another team.
1 team Have to protect a fragile bottle, the other have to destroy it. I'm thinking a scenario a lot like LEFT 4 DEAD, And the ability to shot your friends and yourself in the air a little like FLATOUT on the stunt maps.

söndag 28 augusti 2011

Gammla skisser

 Mini games in wc3 is always a inspiration and taken to a new context would make it even more fun. Its casual but challenging at the same time.  Its very social and unpredictable. So making a 3D version with the concept of fruit party would work on a split screen or with multi devices.
I found only a quite bad video but here is a sample of how it looks:
                                                EARLY  SKETCHES                                                     


 (This is very early)

Ok this is what i do formeself sometime, put down keywords and a simple image to describe, no real traditional design process just pure darlings.